finnish-hungarian folk-fusion

Thousands of years ago the Finns and Hungarians sang the same songs together in the shade of the Ural Mountains. They eventually went their own ways but continued to sing about the same themes: love, death and the beautiful nature – lakes, forests and animals – around them. Now it is time for a long overdue reunion in order to revisit the original and ageless themes of Finno-Ugric folklore. The rhythms and melodies of the songs have changed and developed a very diverse character along the way but the stories are still the same, as pure and honest as they once were.

Kallaton is a unique fusion of Finnish, Hungarian and other ageless Finno-Ugric folk music all the way from the Siberian steppe to the Hungarian puszta and Finnish forests. The waters of Finnish and Hungarian lakes Kallavesi and Balaton are as clear and crisp as the voices of Katalin Horváth and Laura Ryhänen who tell their audiences stories from a bygone world. The multitalented and international band members of Kallaton assist in bringing the musical sisters back to their roots. Out of one root grew two flowers (Te kislány).